Balloon Safaris

A hot air balloon safari at Masai Mara is arguably the best option to indulge in the splendid wilderness topography. You will float high above the ground, watching the flora and fauna. It is an eye-catching, uninterrupted, magical experience.

The ultimate flying balloon safari starts at dawn before sunrise. Guests meet up at the launching destination for a briefing. The crew is busy inflating their craft, and the balloon’s burn flames light the darkness. The balloon flies approximately 10 to 20m above the ground and freely float on air.
It is a delightful and speechless experience to watch wildlife, rivers, and forests on the ground below. Witness the glorious African sunrise and the spreading light along the plains. Enjoy the tranquility and peace of the unforgettable adventure.

You will be on air for approximately one hour. It is traditional to toast once you land by relishing in a mouthwatering breakfast and sparkling wine. Your guide will beautifully set up a dining spot in the wilderness. Afterward, you will take a game drive back to the EnkaKenya Campsite.