How to Pay for a Safari in Kenya

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March 24, 2024

Kenya safaris present an opportunity to travel into the heart of the African bush and discover the beauty of nature. Kenya has the Big Five and the Great Migration plus several other attractions that will blow your mind. Plan and allocate funds for a safari so that you can have a great trip that you won’t forget.

Budgeting for a Safari in Kenya

Kenya safari budgeting, as a matter of fact, consists of different areas. The first thing that you should do is define the number of parks and reserves you want to visit as well as the duration of the safari. Each park charges the visitors some entry fee, and some of them require permits or extra fees for guided tours and night drives.

Safaris in Kenya may cost you from 150 to 1000 dollars per day as per the quality and exclusivity. In addition to accommodation, meals, park fees, park transportation, and a professional guide, you can expect other activities like rafting, ziplining, and cultural performances. This is the approximate price; thus it can fall or rise depending on the market.

Safari Budget

Collect information, look through the tour operators prices and set a reasonable safari budget. Imagine the operator’s reputation, the quality of the infrastructure and vehicles, and the guides’ skills. Think of airfare, visa, travel insurance, and managerial and staff advice.

Payment Options for a Safari in Kenya

Kenya safaris have a wide range of payment methods that can be used. The majority of the payments are done via credit card, bank transfer, and cash on the spot. Each of the alternatives has its pros and cons.

Credit cards secure you from fraud and in return, they give you either points or cash back. On the other hand, the safari operators can still be charged credit card transaction fees. Check your bank if it charges for foreign transactions.

Banks transfers are especially common when it comes to big sums. They are safe and trustworthy, but the sending process can take up to a few days, so do prepare yourself. Most safari companies receive payment on arrival in cash, hence being alert on your money is important.

You should take into consideration ease, security and fees when making the choice of payment method. Besides, you might want to have a talk with your safari operator on the payment terms as well as any special needs.

Choosing the Right Safari Package for Your Budget

Select the safari plan that suits your budget, while taking into account the many packages offered by Kenya. Budget deals give you just the basics such as lodging and transportation, while luxury deals feature special lodges and above-mentioned services.

Figure out the important points of your tour and the best deals on safari packages and rates.Private or group safari? Do you prefer a certain animal type or want to do various things? Firstly, determine your needs and preferences and then compare the tour operators.

Among the considerations of the tour operators, reputation and experience, the quality of accommodation and vehicles, the schedule and activities, and any extra services or benefits should be also taken into account when choosing a safari package. First of all, find out your previous customers’ experiences by reading reviews.

Finding the most cost-effective solution among the alternatives is not always the best choice. Pay particular attention to the value of the product rather than the price. The pricey package will have better accommodation, more experienced guides or extra safari activities while the less expensive one may not.

Tips for Saving Money on a Safari in Kenya

Saving money may come in a different way during a Kenya safari. Firstly, during the low season, usually in April–June and in November–December, go for traveling. Low prices, and the operators may provide some extraordinary bargains in certain months.

Be flexible with your travel dates, if you can in order to save money. Some tourism agencies run last minute or off-season departures at low rates. These can be critical for you to find a great deal.

Rather than drive, opt for the bus, train or the shared ride. This is able to make the cost reduced, especially for group trips. Instead of luxury lodges, go for campsites or guesthouses which are inexpensive.

Safari operators can set their own prices by negotiation. Ask for rebates, and the staff will be glad to tell you about special discounts and promotions. The negotiations should be in a way that shows respect and realism.

Safari in Kenya

Understanding the Cost of a Safari in Kenya

Let’s analyze the charges payable for a Kenya safari in order to understand the cost. These include accommodation, park fees, transport, meals and a guide. They are the main items of expense.

The accommodation prices range from luxury to exclusivity and the differences are quite substantial. Discounted campgrounds and expensive resorts are just a few examples of what is available. Park fees differ from park to park or preserve, as well as residents or not residents.

The safari package, as a rule, includes park transport, but if you rent a car or select hot air balloon excursions or guided walks, you will need additional fees. Drinks and appetizers may come with an additional charge, but meals are usually included in the price.

If you want to avoid surprises, beware of safari hidden fees. Optional activities, guide and staff tipping, as well as any service or facility fees, are included. Know what to expect and plan for them to avoid spending more than necessary and have an awesome safari.


Lastly, the preparation for and budgeting for a Kenya safari is critical to have a smooth and memorable trip. By examining your safari length, the number of parks or reserves you want to visit, and the level of luxury sought, you may create a reasonable budget.

Credit cards, online transfers and cash payments on arrival at the place of the safari are some of the options for safari payments. Choose the most convenient, safe and cost-effective payment gateway.

Consider the tour operator’s reputation, the quality of the accommodations and vehicles, and the one to be included and activities when selecting a safari package. The price should be checked for cost effectiveness in addition to the value.

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